Raspberry macaroni and semi-sparkling juice

Hello! This is the first show of our second season, after a well-deserved vacation that we haven’t had. We’re here again with I Could Kill for Dessert and on this show today we’re going to make some beautiful raspberry macaroons… Husband: let me see? Give me a little… This is not for you to eat. …And a frisky lichia juice! Husband: Wow, starry straw? Shall we? One of the most important things for you to make Macaron is: don’t trust the temperature of your oven. She’ll always go wrong! Your oven has to be at 140 ° C. My oven is gas, so what do I do? So this is the first thing you’re going to do: turn on your oven and put the thermometer inside. Okay? Husband: what if the person does not have the thermometer, does it leave the Macaron wrong? People, the ingredients of the recipe are all on the site, the whole recipe, complete, is also there. The first thing I’m going to do is get my aged egg whites that were already four days in the fridge. And I’m going to mix red dye, because we’re going to make raspberry macaroni. This one’s just a part of the clear. The other part of the whites,we’ll do the meringue. Here it is ready, now I will beat the dry ingredients. I’ll start by mixing the dry ingredients to process. The problem with impalpable sugar in Brazil is that you don’t have the percentage of starch coming in the package. So, for example, here for macaroon we would need 4% starch in sugar, but the packaging does not tell you whether you have 4% or not. So the most appropriate thing is for you to test each brand and see which one works best for you. More tips on macaroons: www.ickfd.com.br the almond flour, you need to put it in your hand. If you pass in your hand and it doesn’t get shiny it’s because she’s good to wear. If your hand gets oily, it’s because it’s not a good almond flour for you to use. Then you will need another almond flour or dry it in the oven, in the very low oven. It would have to be an electric oven, 40°C for about 15 minutes. Try to make her really dry. Process if you want to make your chocolate macaroon, this is the time for you to put two tablespoons of cocoa powder 100% and process a little bit more. Now we’re gonna sieve all the dry ones in here. Well, there’s gonna be a little bit of almond flour that’s gonna get thicker than this one down here. It’s okay with me, but if you want you can go back that little bit on the processor, process a little bit more and sieve again. It doesn’t make any difference to me, I like that little taste that comes next, crispy on the macaroon. So just play it over. In here is still a little bit of salt, now I will add the whites with dye. Now I’m gonna leave it next door and I’m gonna do the meringue. And before I do the meringue, I’m gonna go put lemon in the mixer. Why? To take out all the fat in your blender. The cleaner your blender is, the easier your meringue grows and looks good. To make the Swiss meringue is very simple: you will add the sugar, add the rest of the Whites, a little salt pit that I will already put on, and we take to the fire. You have to melt the Sugar here and we hit the blender. Shall we? Now we’re going to have to add the meringue into the mix of the whites and then stir, stir, stir, until it gets really shiny. Husband: Love, Are you sure I can’t eat this one before? Would you like some meringue? Husband: Wow, that’s it… But clara’s not…? No, you already cooked. Hmm… Do you move for me? Husband: Okay… You have to move until it’s shiny! Stir well, stir well… Husband: but for me it’s brilliant this one already. No,but you have to move more. While my husband finishes moving the dough there, we will make the drink it is very simple: just mix the raspberries, the lychees, a little bit of water with roses and then we will put the water with gas on top. Then… Thank you, love! Well, drink’s ready! Now I’m gonna go see if the dough’s ready, too. You see that here? If he’s gone in ten seconds… Pay attention to the tip! Gone? All right! Now, just put the dough in the bag, take the shape… I have a little cupcake, but if you don’t have it, you don’t have to. Well, all 27 forms are ready. Just kidding. Most of them weren’t the most beautiful thing in the world, but that’s training! You go home and make sure they come out cute for an hour, let’s take 10 here… Let’s let it rest for about 30 minutes and the question is, when we put our little finger on it, after 30 minutes they can’t stick to your finger. In the meantime, I’m gonna make ganache, okay? Shall we? People, the raspberry ganache is very simple: you just put the glucose together with the Raspberry inside a pan, I’ll take it to warm it up, then put it over the white chocolate, stir and add butter. Supersimples, shall we? The macaroons were ready, they were in the oven for 15 minutes. The little feet have grown, look, so they’re cute! Now just wait till it gets cold and then put it here for us to ride! Husband: this is a very practical dessert, right? Fast… Simple… That’s it! The lichia juice was delicious, the macaroons were beautiful! It would be better if you could leave about 12 hours in the fridge and then eat. But I don’t think my husband’s gonna want to wait those 12 hours, and neither am I! So that was the first show of the second season! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down here! And that was it, I Could Kill for Dessert, and you?

White chocolate Mousse – Zaffari recipes

You want to surprise the one you love? Welcome to the Revenue Zaffari And let’s make a recipe with few ingredients but the result is very nice and beautiful I’ll divide the cream to A part to heat and mix with the chocolate The other, I’ll beat I’ll beat the cream until whipped cream Is when it gets stuck in the wire whisk Will mix the hot cream with the chocolate until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. I’m going to mix the chocolate with the whipped cream. we’re going to montage. At the base, I’m going to put a red fruit jelly and on top, the White chocolate mousse the dessert is mounted, now is take to the fridge and it’s ready. .

Lion Guard cake

We begin the preparation with three egg whites, we hit snow. Now we beat three egg yolks, a cup of sugar, a medium glass of oil, mix it all up. We add 170 grams of natural skimmed yogurt, a tablespoon of vanilla essence, mix it all up. We add two medium glasses of whole milk, two cups of wheat flour, mix it up. We add a tablespoon of yeast, mix it all up. We add clara in snow, mix it all up. We put half the cream in an greased form, in the other half we add a half-bitter chocolate cup in powder, mix it all up. We put the rest of the cream in the form to take to the oven, remembering that the oven should be preheated 180 degrees before use. Now let’s prepare the stuffing with 395 grams of condensed milk, red fruits to taste, two chopped apples with no shells, mix it all in medium fire. We add 100 grams of grated coconut and mix it all up. We now prepare the syrup to wet the cake, we will use red fruits to taste, sugar to taste and water gradually. We mix it all in medium fire. With the cake already baked, we’ll make a longitudinal cut to put the stuffing in and water with the syrup. We slowly dip and distribute the stuffing, we also dip the top part of the cake. We treat it with whipped cream and put the rice paper with the illustration of The Lion Guard, we hope you enjoy it and until the next recipe. .

Mango Sorbet / Tastemade Brazil special

Today’s video is part of playlist of the spring network Tastemade Brasil , and today I want to teach you guys how to make sorbet mango anyone who knows me knows that I love ice cream, so for me not to escape so much of my eating habits sometimes, I make a sorbet and some fruit that today I’m going to teach you a sorbet of mango, but here in the channel I also taught a sorbet of red fruits, and I do because you do not have lactose, does not have gluten and we use few ingredients too, so now I’m going to teach to you and I hope you like it to make our recipe we will need 500 grams of the pulp of the mango that I like to use the pulp of the fruit the same we will need 50 ml of filtered water that is 1/4 of a cup we will need the juice of a lemon, but if you want you can use half a lemon and also a teaspoon of honey or agave if you want vegan, or sugar demerara, and then we will hit everything in a blender here I used the sleeve pink one that doesn’t have lint, so I put in a glass bowl for people to take to the freezer if you use a sleeve with lint, so the best thing would be to sift before and after you take to the freezer, and we’ll leave it there for more or less four hours, until very firm and after that our sorbet mango is promptly and very tasty, I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe, don’t forget to sign up here on the channel and check out other videos until the next episode bye bye!!

Red fruit Crumble with Av

Hi, I’m Neuza, welcome to the flavor. Today I’m making red fruit Crumble with oatmeal and almond. Crumble is a delicious and comforting dessert due to being served hot. Made with oatmeal and almond gets lighter and crispy than traditional. To make this recipe I will use the following ingredients: 650g of red fruits, frozen 2 tablespoons brown sugar Juice of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon of coffee shallow end of cinnamon powder 180g butter, cut into pieces 60g almond grainy 180g of rolled oats 180g of flour 180g brown sugar Grated rind of 1 lemon in A bowl, put the butter and the 180g of brown sugar. With the kneading sticks, love until it gets well mixed up. Add the lemon scrape, the flour, the oatmeal and the almond. Love well until all is well mixed and granulated. In the meantime, on an oven tray, place the red fruits. Add the two tablespoons of sugar, the lemon juice and the cinnamon. Mix it up real good. Take to the preheated oven at 170 ° C and let it cook for 10 minutes. After the time, remove from the oven and above, spread the granules so that it is loose. Take it back to the oven and raise the temperature to 70 degrees. Allow to roast approximately 20 minutes. When crumble is cooked and blond, remove it from the oven and serve immediately. Serve the hot crumble, accompanied by a ball of cream ice cream or sugary natural Greek yogurt. I hope you enjoy it, enjoy it! .

Red fruit Refreshing Antioxidant Blast Juice – MegaSuco

Good after a run today, 30 minutes on the street with the heat temperature of 30 and 33 was not more fresh today in the morning 33 and 34 degrees in the note was also very hot-30 minutes running around a session of abdominal and now we’re going to do a tip of red fruits that refreshed detail then just had only taken water with the bc hey let’s lay here a little bit of honey to my friend megan who brings more need to put just to give a little bit more of carbohydrate on fasting was the sun can not waste can dispense this honey good there now this super machine here, could there with one hand it’s only easy enough just to not have ah

Vegetarian myths Part II-vegan fruit delicacy Vermelhas

Vegetarian food doesn’t kill hunger? Do we need to drink cow’s milk to get calcium? Unveil a few more vegetarian myths here, in vegan sin this program is the second part of vegetarian myths if you haven’t seen the first part check out vegetarian food here does not kill hunger does not happen. Although studies show that there is no difference in the satiety between meat and soybean products, some people still argue that plants kill Ah hunger but lettuce does not kill hunger. I’ll eat a little salad and half an hour later you’ll be hungry again. When I eat mocotó toast, it doesn’t happen.try eating a vegetarian bean to make sure it doesn’t starve. Burping but did you know that it usually takes the body around 21 days to get used to a different diet? That’s why the 21-day meatless proposal was created. This challenge shows that it is not only possible, it is also easy and it can be much healthier to adopt a diet without meat and other products of animal origin. If you see this proposal, at the end of these 21 days you will realize that even salads and fruits can quench the hunger of this ogre that dwells within you. Everybody needs to drink cow’s milk to get calcium go little boy, take this milk to have strong bones and grow healthy. Wrong! The media and the milk industry are very efficient when it comes to milk and milk products. Of course! Every old man must drink a lot of milk, otherwise a fall and break the basin. We don’t even realize how much they lie to us and how much they push milk into almost every product on the market. dark green leaf vegetables such as cabbage have been shown to have much greater calcium absorption capacity than cow’s milk, for example. I’ve already talked about it in a whole milk program. If you haven’t seen him watch him click here. And remember milk is in many other products like cheese and butter and others you can’t even imagine. Like Popsicle, biscuits, chocolates and even tomato sauce. Besides, it may be hidden behind such complicated names that before you finish reading vc you have slept lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, lactalbumin phosphate, lactate, lactoferrin, Lactulose, Lactulone, casein, hydrolysed casein, calcium caseinate, potassium caseinate, ammonia caseinate, magnesium caseinate, caseinate so today I will teach you a recipe for… Oh, my God, wrong costume we’re so much better this way, that’s what it takes to work without production. I’m going to teach you a wonderful recipe for a red fruitjar, and we’re going to replace cow’s milk with vegetable milk, any vegetable milk you want, we’re going to use two kinds of milk, soy milk and coconut milk. Shall we go to the recipe? This recipe is super versatile and you can use any jelly you want. Try doing it with other flavors and then tell me how it got here in the comment or there on facebook. He even takes the opportunity to follow me on social media. I’m all over them. You sign up here on the channel and don’t forget to share this video for your friends. I’ll be right back with the next part of vegetarian myths. See you then .


Hello, Polynesians! How you doing? I am Karen and as you remember in the last video, I mean, yesterday I had told you that we were going to make a whole week of easy drinks for this hot season, these drinks are very, very simple to make, the point is that when you have that heat or that desire to drink something rich, you can go quickly to the muse channel and find a drink that is easy to make and besides that the ingredients can have them at home. That’s the goal of making these drinks very easy. This time I’m going to teach you how to make a red fruit drink, this is one of my favorites because it also has an acidic flavor, you’re going to love it. To make this drink so delicious we will need: 2 slices of pineapple, these can be natural or they can also be in syrup. You also need a cup of raspberry, 2 cups of strawberry, 1 peach, it has to be well matured. 1 cup of pineapple juice and ice. You’re gonna put all these ingredients in your blender, except the ice. Mix it very well until there is a consistency of puree, since it will be in the form of puree now if you are going to add the ice you like, if you want a very cold drink and that most of this is ice, then add many, if you want the taste to be more concentrated, don’t add so many ice, just add a few to cool it. When you’re done now, you can add it to a glass. This is how this delicious and very easy drink stays, you can put sugar in it if you feel it a little acidic, but the truth is that I love the taste, acid and Natural of the fruits. Polynesians, have you seen what it’s very simple to do? And they’re seasonal fruits, so they’re easy to find and they don’t cost as much, if you’re going to do it, take a picture and you can send it to my facebook, My Twitter or my Instagram and write there “this is my red fruit drink” so I know which of all the ones I’ve taught them, they did. Remember in a video, not too far away, I told you that I had bought this beautiful lamp? And the truth was I was looking for a name for her, so I asked them to put in the comments what name would they put on this lamp? and the one I liked best was gonna pick it. So I’m going to introduce you to the “Bernarda lamp” Rafa is looking at me ugly because I put this beautiful Bernarda lamp, but I think she has personality so I want to know her opinion and tell me in the comments if you like this name, the truth, the truth I was fascinated and that’s what it’s going to be called the Bernarda lamp and it’s very good and it’s also old. Well, I hope you liked this idea, if so share this video with your friends, with whom you have the most confidence so that they can make this delicious drink and we see each other tomorrow, you don’t know what happiness it gives me to say “tomorrow we see each other” because it had always been like a long time that I didn’t see them but now I can say ” until tomorrow!” I command them… a kiss! Goodbye! .


Oiii starting a program in partnership with the site after the 15 and if you’re viewing on the website of the bruna click here to sign up there in the kitchen bossi chilli on my channel and if you also comes from the aquino cbm click here if you sign up after the 15-channel bruna and today I’m going to do a lemonade a little different that is called pink lembo milk or lemonade pink time lemonade pink is that it is pink and as a technical officer was to say that everything has to be pink is much more cool in love the high for rose speaks in the population and the best of all is what kind of a drink that you can take with your friends and it is not the paste to make lemonade I’ll need some lemons can be the sicilian or can be tahiti, so much was created, also, but a little stronger I’m going to use lemon that I’m going to use it to decorate too, so take advantage use only that same I’m going to need a cup of lemon juice a cup of lemon approximately two and a half million to continue the recipe I’m going to need two cups of water and a cup of blackcurrant juice if you do not find the blackcurrant juice can be that syrup remember that the us took when it was tiny-only that there not going to put a cup of syrup because it is very sweet you put more or less a quarter of a cup of syrup or gives a decreased in sugar will see there balancê as you think best to finish the pink lemonade I’m going to put a quarter cup of refined sugar and so I’m going to shake well the bottle now you think that is very sweet I preferred to use the sweetener something sense there is with you the work of kurosawa, a slice of lemon in a glass of beer, and of course 15 flemish to combine with the pink labor then forgets to put a lot, and I hope that you have enjoyed the think lehmann and when I get posted there on instagram with the hashtag get fd and already know Short Video Share all the social networks that tells me that what you want me to do next week until then


Grease pan with Butter Coat pan with Cocoa Powder BUTTER 12 tablespoons SUGAR 2 cups Mix together until fluffy VANILLA EXTRACT 1 tablespoon 3 EGGS One at a time FLOUR 1 3/4 cups BAKING SODA 1 teaspoon SALT 1 teaspoon WARM WATER 2/3 cups COCOA POWDER 2/3 cup ESPRESSO POWDER 1 teaspoon Whisk until homogeneous HEAVY CREAM 3/4 cup Butter and Sugar Cream Add dry ingredients into butter and sugar cream bowl Add chocolate mix Oven 350°F 35-40 minutes SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK 1 can BUTTER 2 tablespoon MILK CHOCOLATE CHIPS 1 cup Let it cool down Unmold from cake pan Spread the Brigadeiro Garnish with fresh berries BLACK LAVA CAKE WITH BERRIES DELICIOUS!!! BYE BEAUTIFUL!! .