Hello, Polynesians! How you doing? I am Karen and as you remember in the last video, I mean, yesterday I had told you that we were going to make a whole week of easy drinks for this hot season, these drinks are very, very simple to make, the point is that when you have that heat or that desire to drink something rich, you can go quickly to the muse channel and find a drink that is easy to make and besides that the ingredients can have them at home. That’s the goal of making these drinks very easy. This time I’m going to teach you how to make a red fruit drink, this is one of my favorites because it also has an acidic flavor, you’re going to love it. To make this drink so delicious we will need: 2 slices of pineapple, these can be natural or they can also be in syrup. You also need a cup of raspberry, 2 cups of strawberry, 1 peach, it has to be well matured. 1 cup of pineapple juice and ice. You’re gonna put all these ingredients in your blender, except the ice. Mix it very well until there is a consistency of puree, since it will be in the form of puree now if you are going to add the ice you like, if you want a very cold drink and that most of this is ice, then add many, if you want the taste to be more concentrated, don’t add so many ice, just add a few to cool it. When you’re done now, you can add it to a glass. This is how this delicious and very easy drink stays, you can put sugar in it if you feel it a little acidic, but the truth is that I love the taste, acid and Natural of the fruits. Polynesians, have you seen what it’s very simple to do? And they’re seasonal fruits, so they’re easy to find and they don’t cost as much, if you’re going to do it, take a picture and you can send it to my facebook, My Twitter or my Instagram and write there “this is my red fruit drink” so I know which of all the ones I’ve taught them, they did. Remember in a video, not too far away, I told you that I had bought this beautiful lamp? And the truth was I was looking for a name for her, so I asked them to put in the comments what name would they put on this lamp? and the one I liked best was gonna pick it. So I’m going to introduce you to the “Bernarda lamp” Rafa is looking at me ugly because I put this beautiful Bernarda lamp, but I think she has personality so I want to know her opinion and tell me in the comments if you like this name, the truth, the truth I was fascinated and that’s what it’s going to be called the Bernarda lamp and it’s very good and it’s also old. Well, I hope you liked this idea, if so share this video with your friends, with whom you have the most confidence so that they can make this delicious drink and we see each other tomorrow, you don’t know what happiness it gives me to say “tomorrow we see each other” because it had always been like a long time that I didn’t see them but now I can say ” until tomorrow!” I command them… a kiss! Goodbye! .

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