Grease pan with Butter Coat pan with Cocoa Powder BUTTER 12 tablespoons SUGAR 2 cups Mix together until fluffy VANILLA EXTRACT 1 tablespoon 3 EGGS One at a time FLOUR 1 3/4 cups BAKING SODA 1 teaspoon SALT 1 teaspoon WARM WATER 2/3 cups COCOA POWDER 2/3 cup ESPRESSO POWDER 1 teaspoon Whisk until homogeneous HEAVY CREAM 3/4 cup Butter and Sugar Cream Add dry ingredients into butter and sugar cream bowl Add chocolate mix Oven 350°F 35-40 minutes SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK 1 can BUTTER 2 tablespoon MILK CHOCOLATE CHIPS 1 cup Let it cool down Unmold from cake pan Spread the Brigadeiro Garnish with fresh berries BLACK LAVA CAKE WITH BERRIES DELICIOUS!!! BYE BEAUTIFUL!! .

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