Lion Guard cake

We begin the preparation with three egg whites, we hit snow. Now we beat three egg yolks, a cup of sugar, a medium glass of oil, mix it all up. We add 170 grams of natural skimmed yogurt, a tablespoon of vanilla essence, mix it all up. We add two medium glasses of whole milk, two cups of wheat flour, mix it up. We add a tablespoon of yeast, mix it all up. We add clara in snow, mix it all up. We put half the cream in an greased form, in the other half we add a half-bitter chocolate cup in powder, mix it all up. We put the rest of the cream in the form to take to the oven, remembering that the oven should be preheated 180 degrees before use. Now let’s prepare the stuffing with 395 grams of condensed milk, red fruits to taste, two chopped apples with no shells, mix it all in medium fire. We add 100 grams of grated coconut and mix it all up. We now prepare the syrup to wet the cake, we will use red fruits to taste, sugar to taste and water gradually. We mix it all in medium fire. With the cake already baked, we’ll make a longitudinal cut to put the stuffing in and water with the syrup. We slowly dip and distribute the stuffing, we also dip the top part of the cake. We treat it with whipped cream and put the rice paper with the illustration of The Lion Guard, we hope you enjoy it and until the next recipe. .

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