Oiii starting a program in partnership with the site after the 15 and if you’re viewing on the website of the bruna click here to sign up there in the kitchen bossi chilli on my channel and if you also comes from the aquino cbm click here if you sign up after the 15-channel bruna and today I’m going to do a lemonade a little different that is called pink lembo milk or lemonade pink time lemonade pink is that it is pink and as a technical officer was to say that everything has to be pink is much more cool in love the high for rose speaks in the population and the best of all is what kind of a drink that you can take with your friends and it is not the paste to make lemonade I’ll need some lemons can be the sicilian or can be tahiti, so much was created, also, but a little stronger I’m going to use lemon that I’m going to use it to decorate too, so take advantage use only that same I’m going to need a cup of lemon juice a cup of lemon approximately two and a half million to continue the recipe I’m going to need two cups of water and a cup of blackcurrant juice if you do not find the blackcurrant juice can be that syrup remember that the us took when it was tiny-only that there not going to put a cup of syrup because it is very sweet you put more or less a quarter of a cup of syrup or gives a decreased in sugar will see there balancê as you think best to finish the pink lemonade I’m going to put a quarter cup of refined sugar and so I’m going to shake well the bottle now you think that is very sweet I preferred to use the sweetener something sense there is with you the work of kurosawa, a slice of lemon in a glass of beer, and of course 15 flemish to combine with the pink labor then forgets to put a lot, and I hope that you have enjoyed the think lehmann and when I get posted there on instagram with the hashtag get fd and already know Short Video Share all the social networks that tells me that what you want me to do next week until then

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