Raspberry macaroni and semi-sparkling juice

Hello! This is the first show of our second season, after a well-deserved vacation that we haven’t had. We’re here again with I Could Kill for Dessert and on this show today we’re going to make some beautiful raspberry macaroons… Husband: let me see? Give me a little… This is not for you to eat. …And a frisky lichia juice! Husband: Wow, starry straw? Shall we? One of the most important things for you to make Macaron is: don’t trust the temperature of your oven. She’ll always go wrong! Your oven has to be at 140 ° C. My oven is gas, so what do I do? So this is the first thing you’re going to do: turn on your oven and put the thermometer inside. Okay? Husband: what if the person does not have the thermometer, does it leave the Macaron wrong? People, the ingredients of the recipe are all on the site, the whole recipe, complete, is also there. The first thing I’m going to do is get my aged egg whites that were already four days in the fridge. And I’m going to mix red dye, because we’re going to make raspberry macaroni. This one’s just a part of the clear. The other part of the whites,we’ll do the meringue. Here it is ready, now I will beat the dry ingredients. I’ll start by mixing the dry ingredients to process. The problem with impalpable sugar in Brazil is that you don’t have the percentage of starch coming in the package. So, for example, here for macaroon we would need 4% starch in sugar, but the packaging does not tell you whether you have 4% or not. So the most appropriate thing is for you to test each brand and see which one works best for you. More tips on macaroons: www.ickfd.com.br the almond flour, you need to put it in your hand. If you pass in your hand and it doesn’t get shiny it’s because she’s good to wear. If your hand gets oily, it’s because it’s not a good almond flour for you to use. Then you will need another almond flour or dry it in the oven, in the very low oven. It would have to be an electric oven, 40°C for about 15 minutes. Try to make her really dry. Process if you want to make your chocolate macaroon, this is the time for you to put two tablespoons of cocoa powder 100% and process a little bit more. Now we’re gonna sieve all the dry ones in here. Well, there’s gonna be a little bit of almond flour that’s gonna get thicker than this one down here. It’s okay with me, but if you want you can go back that little bit on the processor, process a little bit more and sieve again. It doesn’t make any difference to me, I like that little taste that comes next, crispy on the macaroon. So just play it over. In here is still a little bit of salt, now I will add the whites with dye. Now I’m gonna leave it next door and I’m gonna do the meringue. And before I do the meringue, I’m gonna go put lemon in the mixer. Why? To take out all the fat in your blender. The cleaner your blender is, the easier your meringue grows and looks good. To make the Swiss meringue is very simple: you will add the sugar, add the rest of the Whites, a little salt pit that I will already put on, and we take to the fire. You have to melt the Sugar here and we hit the blender. Shall we? Now we’re going to have to add the meringue into the mix of the whites and then stir, stir, stir, until it gets really shiny. Husband: Love, Are you sure I can’t eat this one before? Would you like some meringue? Husband: Wow, that’s it… But clara’s not…? No, you already cooked. Hmm… Do you move for me? Husband: Okay… You have to move until it’s shiny! Stir well, stir well… Husband: but for me it’s brilliant this one already. No,but you have to move more. While my husband finishes moving the dough there, we will make the drink it is very simple: just mix the raspberries, the lychees, a little bit of water with roses and then we will put the water with gas on top. Then… Thank you, love! Well, drink’s ready! Now I’m gonna go see if the dough’s ready, too. You see that here? If he’s gone in ten seconds… Pay attention to the tip! Gone? All right! Now, just put the dough in the bag, take the shape… I have a little cupcake, but if you don’t have it, you don’t have to. Well, all 27 forms are ready. Just kidding. Most of them weren’t the most beautiful thing in the world, but that’s training! You go home and make sure they come out cute for an hour, let’s take 10 here… Let’s let it rest for about 30 minutes and the question is, when we put our little finger on it, after 30 minutes they can’t stick to your finger. In the meantime, I’m gonna make ganache, okay? Shall we? People, the raspberry ganache is very simple: you just put the glucose together with the Raspberry inside a pan, I’ll take it to warm it up, then put it over the white chocolate, stir and add butter. Supersimples, shall we? The macaroons were ready, they were in the oven for 15 minutes. The little feet have grown, look, so they’re cute! Now just wait till it gets cold and then put it here for us to ride! Husband: this is a very practical dessert, right? Fast… Simple… That’s it! The lichia juice was delicious, the macaroons were beautiful! It would be better if you could leave about 12 hours in the fridge and then eat. But I don’t think my husband’s gonna want to wait those 12 hours, and neither am I! So that was the first show of the second season! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment down here! And that was it, I Could Kill for Dessert, and you?

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