Do you like guava? Know the benefits of guava and guava leaf for your health

Do you like guava? Know the benefits of the fruit and its Leaf for your health round fruit or shaped like pear, guava and has small hard seeds inside. When mature it is sweet and creamy texture. Besides the taste and fragrance guava is a fruit with numerous qualities. Along with the fruit, bark and leaves also offer health benefits. What makes the guava so special is that the fruit itself has a protection, which reduces the need for chemical pesticides. This is one of the least chemically treated fruits. Learn some of the benefits of guava for your health: 1. Diabetes control in Chinese medicine guava has already been used to treat diabetes. The high fiber content and low glycemic index are extremely beneficial to diabetic people. While fiber helps in the process of regulating sugar levels, the low glycemic index inhibits a sudden peak of sugar levels. Eating 1 or 2 shelled guava may maintain the appropriate level of blood sugar. 2. It improves immunity due to the high content of vitamin C in guava, it can play an important role in improving immunity. In addition, its anti-inflammatory action and the ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules leave it free of disease. Eat 1 guava a day, or drink guava leaf tea. 3. It improves the health of the heart according to studies, regular intake of guava can lower blood pressure and lipids in the blood. This is because it has a large amount of potassium, which helps to maintain a steady pulse and control blood pressure. In addition to vitamin C that keeps blood vessels healthy, and lycopene that helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. 4. Goiabas are excellent sources of vitamin A, which help slow the onset of cataracts, macular degeneration, and even improve the vision that has begun to degrade. 5. It improves oral health the leaves of the guava, have anti-plate, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial properties that are effective in preventing and treating oral problems. This is why it is recommended to use the guava leaves in the form of paste to maintain oral hygiene. They even help to reduce gingival inflammation and make your mouth fresh and clean. 6. Reduces the risk of cancer of The various polyphenols and compounds such as lycopene, quercetin and vitamin C work as powerful antioxidants that help neutralize the damage caused by free radicals in the body that can cause cancer. Researchers concluded that guava extract can reduce the incidence and size of prostate tumors in men. In addition to preventing other types such as breast cancer, mouth, skin, stomach, colon and lung cancer. Did you like this video? If you like the video, short, sign up for the channel and share it with your friends. .

8 food tips that slow skin aging | skin aging process

8 tips foods that slow down the aging skin: A nutritionist, functional aesthetic gives 8 tips foods that slow down the aging of skin: 1 Orange – Rich in vitamin C, has antioxidant action, responsible for fighting free radicals, in addition to being an important protector of the skin against the effects of uv rays. It also has a clearing action of the skin, decreasing the undesirable stains. 2 – Parsley and other green vegetables – Are rich in chlorophyll and stand out among the other vegetables because they are rich in vitamin C. They are protective of the immune system and reduce symptoms of cold. Vitamin C, by preventing damage caused by free radicals, may be associated with reduced severity of inflammatory conditions such as asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also has a beneficial effect on the promotion of cardiovascular health. 3-red fruits-rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, fight free radicals, which cause aging. This nutrient stimulates the production of collagen, and thereby fights the flaccidity of the skin. 4-hydrolyzed collagen-the collagen in the form of supplementation promises to restore the loss of collagen that the body suffers over the years. Its function is to stimulate the metabolism of the skin cell, and consequently help in the fight against flaccidity and cellulite. 5 – wholegrain carbohydrates-simple, excessive, can result in an opaque skin with no hair, making it more susceptible to wrinkles. Ingestion of the integrals prevents the loss of lean mass and also the loss of body collagen, avoiding flaccidity. 6-Damascus-Rich in carotenoids, powerful antioxidants that, in addition to helping to prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol levels and protect against cancer. It also contains vitamin A, which contributes to the health of the eyes, glands , gum, hair and skin. 7-salmon-is rich in a pigment called astaxanthin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Another antioxidant also found in salmon is selenium, which protects skin cells. It also helps in thyroid function and body weight maintenance. 8-watermelon – like tomatoes and other red foods, watermelon is rich in lycopene, a carotenoid that protects the skin from burns and redness. Course Clear. Click .

Fru low Carb | Cheesecake recipes

No oven!!! : D crunching roughly 100 g of almonds 2 spoons of sugar-free peanut butter 1 tablespoon of 150g cream cheese or dried kefir yogurt 100g natural Greek yogurt 1 spoon and a half of xylitol 100g of blueberry and 100g of raspberries 150 ml of filtered water 2 spoons of xylitol let down in medium fire stir always and chop the fruits first, put the farofing then the cream on top, some fruits in natura last, the red fruit syrup plummets some almonds roughly and places it over to give crispy serve in individual containers and frostbite. It tastes so much better!! For more recipes and tips, follow our Instagram @GEMEAS.LOWCARB .

Vanilla Flan with fruit syrup

As the malandage says does not come from fork that today has dessert first we will need 400 grams of red fruit you can choose the fruits that prefer I chose strawberry, raspberry and blueberry two cups of demerara sugar. You can choose the crystal or white sugar, which will work out a little bit of lemon and cinnamon on stick. Let’s get started! I’ll use the mix, but if you prefer you can use the blender. hooked, now I’m going to dump in the pan I add the other ingredients, you stir and until the sugar dissolves, and then wait to boil until the broth thicken the broth is boiling, is thick, now I adding the fruit to finish our syrup is already boiling again, after which I added the fruit, is already at the point, we can turn off and reserve. For flan, we’ll need a liter of milk, four tablespoons of vanilla essence soup a cup of corn starch, 2 cups of sugar demarara, but you can choose another sugar, it’s good! we put everything in the pot mix well, and now it is just turn on the stove and fiddle, why can’t you leave cake began to receive now is to fight a little bit and now he needs even though the house will also in the fridge a thing of flying the new fund since the containment of the flood in the fridge, I prepared this the day and night I dream with the title now I go there and cover it with our cause as well coming from trinidad now about improvements to the day of the mothers will be sent to the family we will use to complete 18 years all as well

How to make CHEESECAKE – fruits see

Hi guys I hope that you are well today brought to you a delicious x cap where the law of the red fruit was wonderful, is not very sweet and you will like it and it is very easy because these says that he is not going to the oven so let’s start painting, and 200 grams biscuit or the male-type more of a may be mary, I don’t I opted to shred multiplier you can put a little bit he hit today in the to say in the glass of the blender there I spent structural damage but you can also punch in the processor, or even manually, the same voting in a bag and pounding with a large range type of role where you will be able to crisis may add 80 grams of melted butter is good nor wealth to facilitate nothing to add to the rubber you can put a daughter in the blender or a bowl the same but the thing is here of the wet sand moves well to deny butter and this is the same that comes I will be on the side with wet look we will honor the edno for the year confused way and die for us to take our spirit, as I said that is a recipe that the padfone eh that’s not you are going to do and will rotate as well the lighthouse and those who did not take the aspirin was a bad phase and can not be too thick because it will become very firm so a base cocaine is already enough if you want you can do a little bit side on chairs but the traditional hot tea does not have that tin can you call my side just a background place it in the fridge while you prepare the audience liked our mind enjoy online in the mixer put 400 grams of the addition of three parts of cup tea of sugar beat well with sugar and with the pole as well to cushion the body has the backpack, add a small cup of plain yogurt of the criminal android booties and banana a tablespoon of lemon juice will give a special charm on the mess a little box of cream of milk he has hit in every edition and last-place 12 grams or the I found gelatin powder without flavor and collor it has been properly hydrated melted look that I chose marina if you have any doubt imparted to the gelatin and connor called click on this link you will get a step-by-step slow it to beat well add the gelatine is ready, our trash does not worry that he will acquire a good consistency to his mother alone, and place the ice at least a couple of in areas with jeanne I did a day pro is ready the new spirit you format and ceded the space need to pass by here on the side but the opportunity if you want a male written to the highest place in a baking dish a little smaller but this size is how to go I opted for a fruit jelly red contact ready around the supermarket and a good brand a jelly and hot only comes to add up with a stretcher and daughter take not one point better photography terezinha and put it in his chic but you can also make your genetics of the girls can also do read passion fruit strawberry jam can for me also the fresh fruit on top anyway everything is very good very pretty dessert and very interesting christmas table I think that she would never on my list for my christmas meal with very nice taste I think and if you question you don’t like to lose look at that absurd magic movie looks very good and very charming hotel and this new life today I hope that you have enjoyed so our video, share it with your friends like us if you haven’t it is the fruit of our channel 6 3 thank you very much according to pine and even now is

Benefits of blueberry and its slimming tea! Naturally Healthy

Benefits of blueberry and its slimming tea! It is part of a group of fruits called red fruits that are generally rich in vitamin C, fiber, and have low calorie and sugar content. BlackBerry is an aggregate fruit, formed by the agglomeration of several smaller fruits and called mini drupe or drupet. There are several types of blackberries and they differ in colour: they can be red, white and black. The most common species is black blueberry which is rounded and initially appears in the red color and when it is well mature in the Black color. Found mainly in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, this fruit is widely consumed in natura, in canned goods, jelly, jams, pies, wines, and other recipes. Properties and benefits of blackberries: The blackberry is rich in vitamins a, b and c, it also has other nutrients such as citric acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, iron and fiber. Anthocyanins are some of the phytochemicals found in blackberries and are antioxidants, acting in combating premature aging and in the prevention of diseases, in addition to collaborating against the oxidation of ldl and prevent the formation of plaques in blood vessels. This fruit is also excellent for those who want to lose weight because it has a low calorie content, 100 grams of BlackBerry contains only 52 calories. Due to its properties the blackberry provides many benefits to our health, among which we can highlight the following: assists in the process of digestion, prevents urinary tract infection and lung, the pectin found in this fruit acts on the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of ulcers and stomach cancer, amora is indicated for rheumatism, arthritis and osteoporosis. In addition to the benefits listed above, the BlackBerry brings benefits to those who want to lose weight, as the tea from its leaves has diuretic properties, disinchanting the body and helping to regulate the intestine. Red tea with green tea, combined with a healthy diet of weight reduction, helps to reduce appetite and accelerates metabolism especially if it is drunk warm. Check out the Tea Recipe: Ingredients: a teaspoon of dried blackberry leaves, a teaspoon of dried green tea leaves, a cup of water. Method of preparation: after boiling the water add the leaves of BlackBerry and green tea and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. To slim down the suggestion of consumption is to take a cup of tea before main meals for two or three weeks. .


Oie! Começando mais uma receita deliciosa e hoje eu vou fazer pra vocês esse parfait, que é perfeito para a sua ceia de Ano Novo porque não dá trabalho nenhum e é superfácil e muito gostoso de fazer! Bigode: Outros nomes também disso aí é Verrine Natalina ou… Não é Natal né, amor?! Verrine de Ano Novo, então. Bigode: Ou pavezão. Ou pavezão se você fizer numa travessona. Bigode: Pavezão gourmetizado. Pra fazer a base do meu parfait, eu vou usar um pão de ló e para fazer esse pão de ló eu vou usar uma mistura de bolo de pão de ló da Fleischmann. Com 5 ovos… …e 1/2 xícara de leite. Aí é só bater tudo junto na batedeira por 10 minutos até ficar completamente emulsionado e fofinho. Depois, é só jogar essa massa por cima de uma forma coberta com papel manteiga. Eu aqui estou usando uma forma de 30x30cm porque eu quero o meu pão de ló bem baixinho pra depois eu cortar em formato de quadrados. Agora é só levar para assar em forno preaquecido a 180˚C por mais ou menos uns 25 a 30 minutos ou até que você coloque um palitinho no meio e ele saia limpo! Bigode: Ou até que a sua casa esteja cheirando a bolo. Também! Enquanto o meu bolo esfria, eu vou fazer a geleia que vai por cima do creme nesse nosso parfait e pra isso eu vou precisar de 300 gramas de cereja. Eu estou usando uma cereja congelada, mas pode ser fresca. É só porque no caso a minha já estava no congelador, enfim. E eu vou usar também mais 300 gramas de frutas vermelhas. Na verdade, você pode usar 600 gramas no total da fruta que você preferir para fazer essa geleia. Bigode: Quem tiver fruta do conde sobrando, manda bala. Junto com as minhas frutas, eu vou acrescentar 1 xícara + 1/3 de xícara de açúcar, 1 xícara de rum, 1 xícara de vinho tinto – pode ser o vinho que você preferir. Bigode: Pode ser vinho do porto? Pode, mas vai ficar um pouco mais doce e bem forte, mas fica bem gostoso também! Bigode: Muita gente pergunta se as crianças podem comer por causa do álcool em várias receitas suas. O álcool evapora, mas fica aquele gostinho do sabor da bebida. Mas é só um gostinho! Eu vou acrescentar 6 cravos, um pouquinho de canela em pó – eu estava sem a canela em rama, mas se você quiser usar… Bigode: Em rama? Não é em pau? Em rama! É, em pau ou rama, dá na mesma. Bigode: Não conhecia. Se você quiser, você pode colocar umas duas raminhas de canela. Se não, pode ser um pouquinho de canela em pó como eu estou usando aqui. Por último, um pouquinho de noz moscada ralada na hora. Agora é só você mexer tudo muito bem e cozinhar por mais ou menos uma hora em fogo baixo ou até que essa sua geleia reduza pela metade. Bigode: Uma coisa importante é usar uma panela grande. É verdade! A minha aqui transbordou e eu tive que mudar de panela, então, gente, usem uma panela grande. Coisas erradas acontecem nas melhores famílias. Essa daqui é uma geleia bem pedaçuda que eu estou fazendo, então não precisa você amassar as frutas e nem nada disso. O que eu quero é que elas fiquem meio que inteirinhas ainda pra quando eu colocar na taça ela ficar bem bonita. Inclusive, se você quiser dar essa geleia de presente para alguém, isso é um ótimo presente, maravilhoso e com cheirinho de Natal! Então é só colocar num potinho, fazer um lacinho que ela fica perfeita! Bigode: Com cheiro de Ano Novo, né? É verdade! A última parte do nosso parfait é um chantilly bem baunilhudo e bem gostoso, totalmente ostentação pra você dar uma cara de Ano Novo, superespecial pra todo mundo que for passar as festas aí na sua casa, então pra fazer esse chantilly eu vou usar 500 gramas de creme de leite fresco, que, é claro, você pode substituir por nata se você não achar. 4 colheres de sopa de açúcar e as raspas de uma fava de baunilha, ou seja: as sementinhas que ficam dentro dela. É claro que depois você pode guardar essa fava dentro do seu extrato de baunilha. Se você ainda não aprendeu a fazer, aprende! Está aqui em cima pra você aprender. Inclusive, esse daqui também é um ótimo presente pra você dar de festa de final de ano pra todos os seus amigos e é superespecial, não é não, amor? Bigode: Nossa, maravilhoso. Três meses de cultivo, é uma coisa que vem do coração, não vem? Bigode: Vem do coração e vem da garrafinha. Com todos os ingredientes misturados, é só você bater o seu chantilly em ponto de chantilly até ele ficar bem firme. E agora é hora de partir para a montagem! Pra fazer a montagem desse meu parfait, a primeira coisa que eu faço é pegar aquele pão de ló maravilhoso, assadinho, delicinha, e aí é só cortar em cubinhos. Pra você colocar dentro de uma taça ou de um copo bonito. Eu acho muito mais interessante você servir a sobremesa do Ano Novo em porções individuais porque você não sabe se todo mundo aí da sua casa vai comer. É diferente do Natal, que todo mundo quer aquela sobremesa grande pra dividir com toda a família. Mas no Ano Novo já tem algumas pessoas… Bigode: Eu acho que há famílias diferentes. Há famílias diferentes, mas eu acho que no Ano Novo já tem gente querendo entrar naquela dieta, sabe? Daí tem gente que vai comer e gente que não vai comer, então é melhor já deixar em porção individual que vai ser mais fácil. Cada um que quiser pega lá o seu. Bigode: Mas quem quiser transformar essa verrine num pavezão familiar? Também pode, sem problema nenhum! E se você tá gostando desse vídeo dá like aqui embaixo, compartilhe em todas as redes sociais e quando fizer posta lá no Instagram com #ICKFD pra eu ver e dar like e também pra te desejar um feliz Ano Novo! Pra fazer a montagem é muito simples e por isso eu gosto dessa sobremesa. Você não precisa ficar horas fazendo. É só você pegar alguns quadradinhos, colocar no fundo do copo ou da taça, colocar uma porção generosa do seu chantilly por cima e aí cobrir com aquela geleia maravilhosa de frutas vermelhas com vinho, que vai dar um aroma todo especial e um sabor muito gostoso para o seu parfait! Se você quiser, você também pode colocar uma folhinha de hortelã pra dar aquele ar um pouco mais de final de ano e que fica superbonito! E esse foi o meu delicioso parfait com essa maravilhosa geleia de cereja com vinho! Espero que vocês tenham gostado e que todos tenham um Ano Novo maravilhoso, cheio de luz e muito iluminado! Amo vocês demais – Bigode: Se tá com cheio de luz tá iluminado, né? Ainda bem, né?! Beijo, tchau!

Strawberry liqueur

Hello, I’m Amauri, I’m from Brazil and today I bring to you a recipe of liquor today, going to be the strawberry liquor serving some requests I’m making this recipe of strawberry liquor you are already seeing the liquor ready sensational with a color spectacular strawberry now I’ll show you then how to prepare how to do, all the tips and secrets let’s see the ingredients we already have here the strawberries, 20 fruits of strawberries 2 or 3 trays of strawberries you find in supermarkets fruits chosen and mature a wonder our strawberries as alcoholic beverage for the liquor, I’m going to use the traditional cachaça (aguardente) you can also use, Run, Gin, or vodka, the rum is more traditional and more suited 2 the bark of cinnamon from india the cinnamon balances the flavor of the strawberries that are a little sweet a first step, wash the strawberries and wash them well under running water without rubbing so as not to damage the fruit or its color we want color and flavor, leave it to dry well the fruit we can’t put water in the liquor, and now in a glass that can be tightly closed always use glass, never plastic, we’ll use this glass to store the liquor I’m going to make one cut two cuts in fact, in all the strawberries in the shape of a cross for the rum to penetrate and release its flavor and aroma, and the taste cool on the rum as I said, it could be: Rum, Gin, Vodka all the strawberries already cut and placed on glass and now put the 2 barks of cinnamon the cinnamon gives a balance with the taste of strawberry does not leave the flavour very sweet and also adds flavor, I’ll pour the rum over the strawberries are 900 ml, the entire contents of the bottle pour out all remembered for you, I have other liqueurs published as: pineapple, orange, banana, cinnamon, fig liqueur of anise, chocolate, mint and other more at the end of the video I will leave links for you to access and learn about each other liqueurs finishing pouring the rum any brand of cachaça (aguardente) this liquor is very good with Rum, the Gin also now close well the glass we will leave in maceration for 30 days, shake every day, if lembar gently shake to mix and then open the glass to breathe, then close again let the under of the light in a place secure away from the children we are going to wait 30 days shake and open all day to breathe in 30 days …. We are coming back, our liquor, already has the color, aroma and flavor of strawberry will open the glass to see what color sensational the first period has passed, the 30 days it requires patience, but that makes the liquor you know how it is period of maceration will display the next few liquors that I am making a pineapple and 1 liquor guabiroba, a novelty both are in maceration still, soon I will introduce you to we will give the sequence now it’s time to move in a sieve, filter usually move first in a sieve and then in paper filter I stripped the bark of cinnamon with a sleeve I squeeze the strawberries to remove more aroma and taste you can use other methods to crush with the glove is easier I’m going to squeeze all of the fruit retiraro maximum flavor already spent in the sieve, now I’m going to use 1 paper filter can also be filter cloth, colander and the liquor it took 15 minutes to filter, a poorly time consuming but as I hope to 30 days, 15 minutes is nothing to see that the color is sensational in this liquor requires that it is well filtered so as not to become waste of the strawberries now let’s prepare the syrup pearl (sugar syrup) 150 ml of water in a pan on the stove and the double of this amount of sugar, 300 ml put in the pot with the water that is already hot to mix well when you start the boil, let boil for 3 minutes only then let the syrup cool down completely it is already cold in another container to see what is with the colour of the product and a bit creamy now mix with the liquor that had been filtered is the last step so that it is ready our liquor now mix well the two parts 1 or 2 minutes to allow the syrup thoroughly mix the liquor and be well-blended and ready our liquor now I’m going to store it in a bottle of liquor to store and you can store this liqueur in a period of six months of validity though not spoiling, I have liqueurs over a year old and every day it gets better the liqueur is like the wine, every day it gets better still the liqueur is ready, no need to store in the refrigerator and the last tip, and the most precious one…. is for which you consume with wisdom, with moderation, is ready the strawberry liquor to toast with your friends wonderful, sensational, flavor and color of strawberry I hope you enjoyed it comment below the video to give your like suggestions enroll in the channel and now at the end of the video there will be links to access other liqueurs my I leave to you all a big hug thank you very much and until the next video .


Know the fruit that is considered the elixir of Health and youth ! This tropical fruit does not need presentations, as it is one of the most appreciated red fruits in the world. We’re talking about the blueberry. A delicious fruit that contains numerous benefits for health and good shape. Mulberry is considered a tropical plant of easy cultivation and is considered a great ally to our health because both the fruit and the leaves can be consumed. The BlackBerry can be consumed in the form of Jam, Jam, juices and the fresh fruit itself. The leaves are used for teas, which should be avoided in pregnancy. The benefits of blueberry go far beyond its taste. It consists of many nutrients vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Besides having a low calorie index. In addition to helping with weight loss, there is a list of reasons to consume the fruit. BlackBerry is known as a blood purifier and elixir of youth. Now know many of the advantages of frequently consuming BlackBerry. 1-improves blood pressure : BlackBerry is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese. It is also an excellent source of antioxidants that are important for the proper functioning of the blood circulation. This means that the consumption of BlackBerry can be a great ally in the Prevention of heart attack and vascular accidents. 2 – Strengthens the immune system: The vitamin c present in abundance in the blackberry is known for its protective action against cold and flu to Consume foods rich in vitamin C strengthens the immune system, because it is a powerful antioxidant against free radicals. BlackBerry has almost the same proportion of vitamin C as orange with the advantage of having less sugar and more proteins. 3 – it is beneficial to vision: the retina also suffers from the action of free radicals that accelerate its aging. Blueberry because it is rich in antioxidants helps to reduce this damage by improving vision and helping to prevent cataracts. 4-an excellent source of iron: iron present in blackberries is essential for good blood circulation. It is the main component of hemoglobin, responsible for carrying oxygen into the blood. Finding large amounts of iron in fruit is unusual. So the blueberry is great to avoid anemias. 5-strengthens the bones: along with iron the BlackBerry has essential elements for the regeneration of the bone tissue. Vitamin k and calcium present in blackberries should be consumed regularly, in particular by adults and elderly people for the Prevention of osteoporosis and natural bone wear, which is caused by aging. 6-helps in weight loss: in addition to the few calories, BlackBerry is rich in vitamins that accelerate the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The vitamins of the B complex and vitamin k are one of the best allies of a healthy diet in addition it is rich in fibers that is great for slimming and for good intestinal functioning. 7-combat aging: as we have already said, BlackBerry is quite a package of natural antioxidants. The potential of antioxidants present in BlackBerry, such as vitamin A and neutralizes free radicals, is considered a protection against neurological diseases, cancer, infections and inflammation. If those blueberry benefits weren’t enough. Know that the fruit also helps in the skin and hair. Antioxidants are known for their anti-age potential by fighting free radicals that age the skin. Vitamins A and e present in the fruit are a great ally for dry skin and properties anti UV help to regulate the melanin, which is the natural defense of the skin against the action of the sun, and so it also slows down the whitening of the hair caused by aging. Pretty good, huh ?? Besides delicious, the blueberry brings many benefits to your health. Include this delight in your days. Did you like the video ?? Give yourself a jockey and sign up for the channel !! See you guys. .

Brigadier and Red fruitcake Naked Cake wedding Cake

Hi guys today I want to teach to you the assembly of a beautiful cake Naked Cake for a wedding with brigadier milk nest and red fruit I’m not teaching you guys the recipe for the filling but in the future I put here for you guys in the channel, the goal of this video is to show you how I ride my naked cakes. The tip I give to you is always to spend a little bit of stuffing in the tray of the cake right, I say to you the following, a cake naked cake it is very heavy you need to use a good glass may not be a tray of rolled, may be wood, may be glass or any other tray you have will be enhanced, I also do not ride my naked cakes on home, I always ride my naked cake on the client where he wants where he is going to make the wedding party because transporting this cake is very difficult. So let’s get my tip to you for the cake Assembly is, put a little bit of stuffing in the cake tray puts the first layer of cake on the one pressed, wet it very lightly because this cake can’t be very moistened mainly the first layer of pasta since it will be the structure of all the cake, do a very nice job with a beak to adorn on the sides that is where it will appear and it will be apparent., the means you don’t need to worry so much, I put a little bit of nuts in the filling of the brigadier milk nest to make it even more tasty I’m going to put the second layer of dough and I’m going to do the process with the rest of the cake always remember to moisten the second layer, but my custom is to moisten well little also already not to be without a cake very heavy water and run the risk of it falling apart. The other tip I want to give you in relation to this cake here I bake all of my masses for the naked cake separate , I do not bake a cake and birth it in half because the structure is different then whenever you are going to do a naked cake bake all of the layers of the cake separately To the dough that I’m using for this Naked Cake is sponge cake, I have taught to you here in the channel I will leave the link in the description for you to learn this mass I made chocolate I like it very much it has a good structure will the oil in the dough so it is not very soft, if you have any questions you can also ask, or will in the description to watch the video Personal to the structure of the cake to hold the top of the cake I heard one caninhos is this that I am putting silly it is used for the embellishment of the bladder of the table is he is a bit thicker I like a lot and it is strong I use it in the middle of my cakes to doin the structure of the base to put the cake upon it, in this case I’m showing to you, you put it inside of the cake makes a call, pulls down and back it again to the inside of the cake yeah, now I will measure for you this is the little plate of styrofoam that I’m going to put my cake up and I’m making a marking in the center of the cake to keep it well centered does not become crooked, pull out the dish and there I know where it is that I can put the other caninhos that goes inside of this cake so if you look I’m going to put five caninhos because of it to be as well firm the cake up is heavy so always make a good structure for the naked cake, can not put the mark up or cake up without putting the structure. Passes a little bit of stuffing in the bottom of the tray of styrofoam for him to stick in the cake low-spend a little bit of stuffing on top of the styrofoam to put the other mass of a down, dipped again a little cake, careful not to wet too much because the bottom of the cake also can’t get much moistened ta ok ? With regard to the structure of the cake many people put barbecue toothpick if you do not have access to these nuggets in confectionery houses and parties houses, can I use the barbecue toothpick ? You can, but the ideal is that you unar 3 at least three sticks of barbecue, spend it on paper, film or in aluminium foil to do this work of placing it inside of the cake do not put a stick of bbq without it being covered because it can drop a some wood something right, but if you have no other option you can use as soon as the toothpick of barbecue I’ve seen people use skewer sticks that is also firm but always puts in one or two or three in fact to get a little better. If you are wondering what kind of stuffing that we put on the cake the naked cake personal I live in a region as hot as I do not put fillings that are soft, I like to make brigadeiros or dodoce milk that is boiled tin of condensed milk because I leave it at the point that I want a little more firm it is not very easy to make this work nozzle pastry with the brigadier because it is a little more firm I do it a little more firmly for it to hold the weight of the mass that is not very fine, so I do it a little bit more to be firm hurts a little bit on the hand to make this work to pass, and with the nozzle of the pastry but it’s worth it is a good structure, the filling is not leaking and the cake will stand there for hours on the table without you worrying if it will fall off or dismount because the filling was soft. Always cap the bottom tray that makes the line between the cakes and the isopor tray we always have to do this job is without leaving anything of the structure of the apparent cake so leave the cake well tidied, beautiful it will stay on a wedding table cannot stay appearing isofor. The top part I finished without is with roses even doing a job with a beak Confectionery will also get a little apparent . Everybody asks what kind of sugar we put on top of the cake so it doesn’t melt, sugar confectioner sugar is beaten in the blender if you hit refined sugar, it will get thin going, but it will melt in contact with the sugar is the sweet sugar so this sugar that we sprinkles if you call sugar ice cream it will not melt he will stay with this look snow beautiful white boy’s is as well for hours regardless of the time that is exposed okay regardless of how it is climate if it will be a little damp it will not melt, then the sugar ice cream. You find in the home of the confectionery in the houses the party items. Guys always take whole barbecue toothpicks for you put in the cake, it’s important to cross the cake structure with some barbecue sticks that will keep the pasta in place sometimes the person will carry the cake will put on the party table the cake is heavy it’s hard to carry but the toothpicks hold the cake structure so put these little sticks, you don’t have to worry about packing because this toothpick is whole you didn’t have to break it doesn’t have wooden flaps you can put it whole it puts in three to four little sticks you warn the customer that you put this structure inside the cake . So in honor of the bridal month that is coming May I hope you enjoyed this wonderful cake video that I showed you today. If you have any questions you can ask me and I’ll be responding to you, don’t forget to leave the like of you in the video it is very important to the channel and if you are not yet enrolled to enroll and stay attentive to our notifications activating the bell all right we soon see even more .