and let’s save the sad song I wanted to write a recipe of a cheesecake to see ghana, but it is expensive, the recipes that you know will cashew nuts and agar agar is very expensive, I don’t know what to do because you don’t use tofu a good idea to speak looks only that he was lima the vec and today I’m going to teach you a recipe very special hurt very very good in the same that leaves no wish unfulfilled for any other type of escape I’ve ever done for a receptive cake that is going to make cashew raw and h call our wonderful first that was super hard to find the home of cashew raw, and when I found her 200 reais per kilo I want is$45 only do I think of escape, and thus it is difficult to find the crime and the h I found is also super kf r$19 40 grams of hiv and I I was thinking thinking I got the recipe with a wonderful friend is super bridge skate will be very very nice even let us do hedge end and by way of to the mass the cheesecake 130 grams of cracker corn starch a package of s a quarter cup of water 1 4 cup of oil moves credit nuts in this large estimate for the filling of the x kei 500 grams of tofu one cup of sugar 200 ml of milk vegetable juice of half a lemon, two large full of flour wheat of the clichés of corn starch a teaspoon of the stimulus to the coverage of the x kei a cup of strawberries washed and sliced half a cup of blackberry and blueberry and a cup of sugar to the processor or blender, or in his hand fear a knife getting now uses the processor to make the cracker will not butter or anything the nuts to express a little to school with a water and oil now of a way or need to be and will fill in here already don’t want to make a recipe for a larger form if you can double the recipe or triple it it now takes pre-heat the shape heated to 180 degrees for more or least about 15 minutes now let’s go to the sweet filling a skate board and a blender and debate all the ingredients until well-blended south if you like less 12 put mendonça on at your choice, the juice of half a lemon milk vegetable can milk coconut milk soy of the amendment to the corn starch that will leave I think that with the faith showed to grab the flour and the vanilla essence fox a little and after the car well lisinho mg we place on top of the dough already pre-baked keys chubby mass is not more sequinha you can take out and put the stuffing goes back to the oven for a further or less 50 minutes until you get a little relaxed and more curious and when you are with the edges half-cracked, and slightly darker already is good can take out and leave to cool and place in the refrigerator and after it is cold already meets with the plastic paper lead to the refrigerator for more or less one day to the other or five hours now for the syrup of red fruit in the pan on a low fire already put the strawberries, the raspberry, and the objective lens and sugar and I’m going stirring until sugar melt remembering a cause if you want you can have a little bit of water of the flowers you can make any kind of cause for this x kei passion fruit life though the want to put chocolate education is your criteria, I think the lining after it has left the boiling that this texture here o you can disconnect and take to the fridge until the time after spending five hours or from one day to the other, which is how I like to get as well tough we will misinform you after he graduated from now we will decorate and put cavendish you can put only a piece if you want to put everything I think in the middle to stay in the team and look at this wonderful thing that was to our cause does not escape us serves deception in the suffering was very very tasty and cheap if you don’t try to fund a company has revenues the question would even it can link under-how to do what I went home with the soy but I think even that is easy to find that is not easy is boring fu and this looks wonderful will not aggregate you will not spend about raw I never sang for cheese with the staff here is expensive it is difficult to find that is defeat then this wonder that to do so does not matter now prove the most beautiful thing does not prove a sweet skate both do in the house no one will realize that it is a vegan personal has no more excuse now to not do said Kimmo wonderful and hot and cheap is our home with easy ingredients don’t forget show here where to sign up and move on social networks and that’s it

Globo Reporter-goji berry has rejuvenating and slimming power

Globo Reporter – Goji berry Has the power rejuvenecedor and slims In the year of the world cup in Brazil, a selection of fruit goes into the field and reveals the champion in nutrient store this name Goji Berry, red Fruit grown in the mountains of tibet the goji berry is consumed for thousands of years in the popular chinese medicine is now on the menu of stars such as Mick Jagger, Madonna, Britney Spears by propagated energy power, rejuvenecedor and efficient for weight loss there is a the burning of abdominal fat by the fact of reducing the cellular uptake of sugar She has a role as antioxidant That stops the premature aging of cells causing the individual great health, good skin, beautiful hair title of more healthy won with numbers unbeatable 19 amínoácidos that help in the formation of protein 21 essential minerals like iron, calcium and Germanium touted as anticancerígeno 22 polisacarídeos that strengthen the immune system tryptophan to the nervous system Sperone that is good for the heart and the pressure in the artery More beta-carotene than the carrot Zeaxanthin that prevents eye problems Has also substances that release growth hormone, anti-inflammatory agents and more esquadão of antioxidants they are related with the decrease in the incidence of certain diseases as for example Parkinson’s disease; Cancer; Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes also 8 months the Goji Berry is on the menu in Tarsílio and the wife of the couple does not slimmed but also not gained weight and felt other differences in the body I have lots of easy to catch a cold and such I think this here has been helping this point. There’s even a saying that says there that: A portion of this per day you spend the rest of the day happy studies for european and american showing the benefits of energy and antioxidants, this small fruit powerful recommend the consumption of at least one tablespoon per day preferably in the morning fasting or before physical activities She is not only indicated for people who take medicine for thrombosis, pressure control and blood glucose Because it can inhibit the action of these drugs in The B-Vitamins present in the fruit reduce stress, fatigue and improve brain function every 100g of Goji berry has 50 times more vitamin C than an orange for example but this has the advantage of being much more popular and accessible